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tv   BBC World News  WHUT  April 1, 2010 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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>> "bbc world news" is presented by kcet, los angeles. funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation.
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and union bank. >> union bank offers unique insight and expertise in a range of industries. what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news." >> this is gmt on bbc "world news" i'm george. moscow mourns the victims of monday's metro bombing. furnlse take place for those killed when the chechen rebel says he ordered the attack. >> and why a flood to heroin. an a question of sanctions.
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china welcomes iran's negotiator as the u.s. pushes for stuffer treatment of the issues. >> and the biggest exercise, india starts the census of more than a billion stens and a long way from home. why israel is still relying on workers from the far east to tend his crops. >> he will ol', and welcome to gmt, i'm george. most of the victims of the moscow metro bombings are being burried today as a chechen leader announced he ordered them all dead. the head of an islamic militant urgency posted his claim on his website.
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with the latest here's richard from moscow. >> across russia a series or funeral it's for those who died in the metro bombings. many of those killed were students, cut down in the prime of life. and knows mourning here now know there may be more attacks coming. that's because this man, daku, leader of the islammist militant group announced he ordered the bombings and that there would be more on the streets head second of for the recent killings of civilians in the caucuses by the russian security no, sirs. the shock caused by this attack so much great err than people here had been told the main rebellian have been pushed. so the russian government now
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trying to reassure the public to prevent panic. >> the goal of the terrorist is to destabilize our country and throw fear among the planet and population. we will not permit that. and the aim for everything we do with to consolidate this demonstration. >> but there's a look at how much damage they can cause in different parts of the country. this, the opt may of a can you believe ea 1 were getting away. the whole nation is really on edge wondering if there will be a sustained campaign of depls. >> bbc "world news," and we're live now represent i was but air oy, these funerals beside them has beenen today, lit make
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women more you will gerbil and for the for the time he's wound up exposing himself. >> and certainly there's an extremely tense robe here. the these have shaken ruscha and that i'm staying how to to the for six years. but i think at the same time they are welcoming very strong words from the russian leadership. president madrid today, again, you boy, we heard from the head of the security service saying the sfv already knows who is behind the attacks and there is new evidence that that process will be taken to the very wrong, language. >> first pretty much pretty much they have votvodeout
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thomased to go turt if. it's the kind of thing people in russia want to hear when at the same time they are hearing threats of more attacks in rush a's. as you say, and i see it as a result of private school minister putin will be on youer but the fact is from their wasn't uste on surt right do they want on borrow. >> el, i have a zin so baylor, that's for a suror man whose been around for the first time. 1994, around under the second one in 2002 and of course that con fept to tove five counter and wants toes lamb i can
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societies in the russia russia visit will the russian security it wases what's the >> but we don't know at this point how close authorities may be in raining him and a couple morning intelligence but certainly by going to the down town area use the a security forces, authorities in russia are on top of this screen. they will preevek sarah, thank you, very much. well, there's more detail and analysis about the attacks in moscow and russia. battling on our website again news. 12k3w4ru with the knew hofe >> george, thank you, very much. t wish ofous would you like a
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nuclear issue. tehran inflicten take into account. our beijing correspondent is bake with narc she would be throukt back any cause for news sakses. >> oil and gas depends on them for energy resources. also tom's got a recent stace sbill of not interfering. so agreing to angsts to the united states billion pack pack the only members of the security council that didn't want to security spots that against once puts me in an obvious recently. ly will have to explain why he wants to do it. so really it's still i'm hoping
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a chinese braps do who an own likely he movie. >> presidentt space as many cox and rippings to fall trung the candor stesovep >> security due to represent the sudden former rebels. the british admiral in charge of the european naval force fighting off of somalia tells police there's been a chain in a few flobster and there were nine using swarm tack ticket touch aware >> conversation and the reception are developing a neags. 6 houf, our vince mchickals
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says it was up for us and the best quaye to reduce birth weights is to attack sovereign well level bo not like you. how many included u.n. and e.u. officials in his claim and mentioned avenue wan electrical workers in kabul. the president is the currently locked in a power struggle with apartmentment among his wanting to appoint spon in quet with barget lloyd. >> this was a strong statement from president karzai and says there was indeed during the disputed last year, does in single hand sml the deputy head of the u.n. mission here, peter gal brathe, an american who had resigned autoof the market over the past months for a shot
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picture. didin the tuning up enough to combat these irrationally lahr kade actually it was gail breath and the u.n. depove. >> a landmark law has come into effect in india which aims to give free compulsory education between the ages of 3-14. currently 8 million receive no schooling at all. march ask you match you derek to pure sue her talk to him, hey there, every day the matzu has been closet a key number of manufacturers indicate confidence is on its way back
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from its ministers. they have found the business confidence has improved for the third straight quarter. after a jump in domestic car sales of more than 50%. with that as bag to you, georgia as doors. >> judge you might be right by refusing to overwhelm foam dinse 2001 opium production in afghanistan has risen nearly 50 field. fell to. the result is an especially dental i can of care win use. at least 30,000 of them will die this year. the head of russia's narcotics control association described it as a tsunami sweeping over russia. froma flu now no right to be.
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>> in the siberian city of this area. they are bringing to it dead. bringing out the dead. this young man was killed by a hair win overdose. one more to add to the 30,000 addicts that reside in russia this year. the young man was found in one of these buildings. slumped in a stair welle, a needle stuck in his arm. >> this is one of the poorest, most derelict and drug-riden neighborhood. we've been told by a local contact that this building here has one of the most me to sore yaws for a pecked, mom. >> down below it et doesn't take long to spot the first junkie. 10 years ago there was no hair win in this city. now there are thousands of addicts. the man in red used to be a
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drug dealer. from this squallered apartment, sergei had a front row seat as he watched hair win take over the city. >> first involved in opium but in 2002-2003 hair win came and washed over this whole region. a lot of people began to use it, even those that never injected 44. massive growth in production from afghanistan. today russia is the biggest hair win market in the world. fe of course down on us-like, you need to stop the clouds from falling. the clouds in the shape of afghan papi fields. >> it's 3:00 a.m. in a knot american ever a foreign cmu is
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trusha's aid. under a bed. the bottles are full of pure, uncut hair win, at least a million-dollar lay yut a lazy track but is to said -- >> bb news in moscow. >> this is gmt with george al guya. india set to take on the world's largest people counting exercise. we'll find out how many recognize and thou attract the remain der. >> how do you track down big cats that just don't want to be snound well, how about using dogs. that's a tactic being used by wild life charity of the wwf in cambodia to hunt down tigers inertia. >> who says dogs and cats can't
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get on? in the dry forest canines are going their best in an effort to support cambodia's remaining tigers, swimming out big cat exrement. >> i told him to stay but i couldn't and way and manner over and saw because i knew right there that this is not anything other than a large tut cr us. >> fending excrackment is one thing but seeing an actual higher is more than a this is one part of the phi place ins cambodia where you've got a good chance of seeing tigers. the wild life rescue toims. i've been in a wild life traftsket. in duh rangers set camera troops capture pictures of the
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tigers and they frol forest keep traffic is a genuine germ engine who pilled more than a dozen tigers in our cheat. >> i was a hunter for a long time, and i saw there were less andless animals. because i committed many animals, now it's time for me to wild one class that wasn't if the tiger could do likewise that would be a cause for celebration around the world. bbc news. >> this is gmt from bbc "world news" i'm george. the main headlines. >> russia has been linked to many of those killed until monday's suicide attack on the moscow metro.
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iran's chief negotiator as fit over end listen lady. 124 the biggest ever population can't anywhere in the world as victor got in the ree i'm photographed and fingerprinted to create biomet trick national database. the governor will then use the identification to make it take almost a year build. >> but i will let her know. 1.32 million into a single database. >> more than half of the costly will cost $1.3 billion. this is in his sath census, an exercise that's been sense suns in this company every a and
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this family. >> and then begins the massive exercise of counting its people. tents for servely 6 thou people live in there? what do they do for a living? i'm one of transit squi with my family and was buildly a loud 2r5eudy of the city's worst banker. and every generation of the family has lived here since. >> you can get a good tonight by looking at the teach family in deli to gate a job out of 746 foot generation broussard "we." we'll take apart all of them. >> how many people in 20-50 secrets, people don't have the
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time. but now forced murray to set back in 10 members of miami. flisha rashard you've taken part in so many exercises. tell me how it census. we knew it was just head count then and this is not acrot i a little more information and details this time. the number of cars that you are owning and cell phones you are owning and profits you're owning. >> so a lot of details at this point in. it's no longer about finding out how biss this when when her trail blazers or go to witness, it's right after this in the internet. >> do one by a forfoye meet
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girls, they'll see it was from me. and for the first time err person above the age of 15 will be is outfied since the direct examination you needed to take me up on the die. fofe -- >> there on a huge exercise for india. it's also the day to be counted in the united states. april 1:00 is the unconditional spon and i sit did down apt with my sense sass salsa, you're great, henry. >> i just said you worked on the last two censuses. what are the trends let's make
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it loose just put it own some me store to it. senseless, inventories assess of the country eff and on to the 2,000 census where the big story was growth of the immigrant population. this time we'll have to see what the big story is. it could be gross navarro populated issues and due to much of our tommys, go to increases and perhaps growth of our multi or mixt same-sex. all those questions appearing for the first time in these census. >> actually the same questions are asked year after year. thy tweak them somewhat and do
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what is called editing so people have put down in a happy new year blueo but the president now, the 2010 census couple puts them to have so people are looking forward ease throwing seeing what they are. >> and this will give a picture of the demography of the united states. but aren't some hispanics if i can call them that had to historicly are they a hard to count group? many among them are undocumented immigrants who might not want to tell the government what they are up to. we, ad the hugh resort liz that could indicate about nine or 10 hispanics to fill out this coobs likes it and among
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immigrants there's more positive feeling about the census than there is people born in this scun dep mandatorying very much pudge. swau last year a farmar kept wisdom the first et but the man willedsfomple used to be downed by politician because the bb "world news" reports. >> the vast greenhouses of southern is real. here they are growing core-and-er. this is the middle east. but it could be the farr east. there are now over 28,000 legal thai workers across the area. almost all of them will be working on trms. >> this one is run by ronny and his wife. she says virtually all her
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staff are doing jobs israelis don't want to do. >> it's hard work. it's difficult in the greenhouse. >> two posh to pick. so thais do it for them. >> kai has been working here for the last 4 1/2 years and tells me in israel he earns double what he could get in thailand but in the firing line. least month an ied is too all do completely pang that in the book light. en don't want to travel half a world away to get here when just a few hours from our hit week, they left for many of whom used to work right here in
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illings real. and across the wall in gaza, i meet halio. up until the second start of the rising now when its real tighten to do so border. he was one of thousands of gazaens who traveled far every day to work on farms. now like 40% of people in gaza i, i'm unit pores, huh? people from other countrys to work with them. i think it's not worth it, because palestinian workers were very, very good. >> halil says he occasionally still talks on the phone to the friends he net israel and back there ronny also has fond memories. >> normal people. getting on well together. >> but the fact is for now thais can travel here and the
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gazaens can't. john, bbc news, on the israel, gaza border. >> well, on this fashion off can can can. including president med vedya, and i do something. that's all for this edition of bbc. i'm george. stay well. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank.
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